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Expert 360 | 4 Martin Place, Sydney.

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Expert360, an Australian recruitment firm headquartered out of Sydney, brings together highly skilled talent with leading technology businesses. Since being founded in 2013, the business and its team have grown considerably – and needed an office space to both accommodate the team and clients, as well as reflect its values of honesty and authenticity.

Scope Projects partnered with Abacus to design and build Expert360’s new office at 4 Martin Place, a striking heritage-listed sandstone building also known as Challis House. The new space had to adapt to the changing needs of the team post-pandemic, creating an agile environment for hybrid work.

The business occupied space within an Abacus Property Group building, however as Expert360 was looking to emerge from lockdown work from home restrictions, it approached Abacus to create a dynamic new space ahead of an upcoming lease expiry.

Expert360’s co-founder and CEO Bridget Louden had a strong vision of a space shaped by natural elements to create a warm and inviting ambience, with unique accents to set the business apart. This aesthetic is characterised by four main factors: Australian timber, exposed concrete, warm lighting and a single paint hue to tie everything together.

The historic building brought a beautiful base structure that allows these elements to shine, creating a striking yet welcoming space. Columns were stripped back from their previously rendered condition to showcase raw imperfections, while the exposed ceiling adds a warehouse feel. The cohesive off-white hue of the walls and ceiling, along with polished concrete floors throughout most of the office, make furniture and decor the focal point — much like in an art gallery.

This includes the eye-catching Turkish rugs, made of silk and wool, which are scattered throughout the office. Each has a unique pattern and was hand-picked in Turkey by Scope for Expert360, adding charm to an already impressive space.

Sustainability is a natural byproduct of this approach. The office is equipped with an eclectic array of handpicked, pre-loved furniture pieces, like an old dewey decimal sorting cabinet, all sourced locally from Sydney  and its surrounds. The centrepiece of this a bespoke communal dining table made of recycled timber commissioned especially for the office; not only does this bring the team together for meals and meetings, but also harmonises with the Tasmanian oak framing the boardroom and oval office.

The office was designed as a multi-functional space to support the team and host clients. Half of it is set up for staff to do focus work in a calming environment, while the rest is open plan to encourage social interaction, set with break out spaces, lounge areas and communal dining.

Shared dining is a central theme. The office has a fully equipped kitchen cooktop and oven for staff’s everyday use as well as hosting events, combining with the large dining table to evoke a rustic countryside atmosphere. The multifunctional space transforms quickly to accommodate a crowd and is even equipped with a piano for ambience while entertaining.

Wellness, nursing and caring for family have been catered for in the design to support parents returning to work. The dedicated wellness room is stocked with toys and allows a nanny to come in and care for children throughout a client’s interview process.

Since moving into the space, the Expert360 team has enjoyed the new office to its fullest. The added flexibility it brings allows them to make the most of their days working there collaboratively, meeting with clients and coming together to strengthen workplace culture.

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