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Scendar | 6 O’Connell St, Sydney.

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Scope Projects has a strong track record of delivering works on behalf of Investa within 6 O’Connell Street. Level 5 is the most recent addition to our growing list of works which currently includes the podium lobby, Level 1 tenant workspace and terrace, Levels 7, 8, 9 and 14 speculative suites, lobby and bathroom works.

Having pre-leased the two Level 5 suites, Investa needed to act quickly to design and construct the suites aligned with the incoming tenants requirements and specification. Scope Projects were brought on board on an Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) basis to provide budget guidance whilst the space was in design, working closely with Investa’s project management representative Forge to manage programme and procurement expectations.

Suite 5.02 leased to Scendar, a cloud based accounting and advisory practice. The space is balanced between polished professional and edgy industrial providing an approachable atmosphere with a down to earth energy. The design is reflective of an accounting agency that is breaking the mould and introducing a millennial approach to the supply of what is typically considered to be, a traditional service and life necessity.

The workspace design and aesthetic is immediately eye catching from the lift lobby, the raw and exposed elements paired with muted timbers, soft fabrics and planting is a highly appealing backdrop to the day to day platform services being supplied by a young and pioneering team of tech and accounting professionals.

The lobby and bathrooms have been brought up to a boutique A Grade standard, consistent with design and amenity across the 6 O’Connell Street refurbished floors.

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