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Mirvac | 255 George St, Sydney.

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Speculative Suite

A stunning speculative suite on cloud 9! Scope Projects were appointed by MostynCopper via a competitive tender process to deliver this beautiful fresh and inspiring speculative suite on level 9 of 255 George St, Sydney.

The initial brief was to create a space that was inviting and open, but distinguished itself from other speculative fit outs. IA’s design team worked on iterating the space to meet this brief along with creating points of interest that allowed a potential tenant to be able to perceive the space as more than an office space.

In this beautifully designed and lush green space, an enchanting archway theme gracefully flows from the meeting rooms to the portal, seamlessly connecting the front of the house to the back. This intentional design choice creates a harmonious transition zone, emphasised by the captivating echo panel patterning and elegant metal detailing on the glazing.

One of the standout features of this suite is the breathtaking ceiling maze, guiding you through the space. The meticulous attention to detail and technical precision involved in its creation is truly rewarding to see, a testament to our team’s unwavering passion for taking on challenging and unique projects.

The inviting ochre tones exude a sense of warmth, gently softening the backdrop of polished concrete and enhancing the natural allure of the feature timber ceiling and furnishings scattered throughout the space. Adding to the versatility, a double-glazed operable wall with curtain screening creates a high-performing and multi-functional zoning system for the different areas within the suite.

In every corner, meticulous attention to detail, showcasing the exceptional quality of the fitout, making a strong visual statement and elevating the overall appeal of the interior.

Client: Mirvac
Project Manager: MostynCopper
Interior Designer:
IA Design
Address: Level 9, 255 George Street, Sydney



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