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Investa | 201 Kent St, Sydney.

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Speculative Suite

The objective of this project was to introduce a range of diverse and impressive speculative suites to the market, each distinct from the others. Situated on the 25th floor, initially as a warm shell, we responded to market demands for spaces of varying sizes by considering a three-way split—approximately 600sqm, 200sqm, and 300sqm, each strategically designed to maximise the breathtaking views of Sydney Harbour and Barangaroo.

Suite 25.01: This suite offers an expansive, modern and versatile 600sqm area. The entrance and breakout space is highly flexible, accommodating various settings such as a business lounge, a town hall space, or can become a function area.

The incorporation of greenery played a pivotal role in shaping this suite, aligning with our goal to create an environment that promotes well-being in a visually distinctive way. The greenery seamlessly blends into custom-designed workstation canopies, requiring meticulous consideration for data and power connectivity. The engineering of this canopy involved a collaborative effort, bringing together experts to design a solution that met the specific needs of the custom structure. Technical aspects, such as ensuring the frames could support the weight of the plants were tackled collaboratively with the designer, workstation, electrical team and plant contractors.

These suites reflect our commitment to delivering diverse, innovative and practical spaces that cater to a range of needs and preferences. We take pride in offering a selection of suites that not only meet market demands but also prioritise well-being and aesthetic appeal for incoming tenants.

Client: Investa
Designed By: Wool+Hay
Project Manager: TSA Management
Workstations: Profile Systems
Greenery: Posh Services
Electrical: Robson Electrical

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