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Sino Mining Group | 60 Carrington St, Sydney.

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Sino Mining Group has been a top floor tenant of 60 Carrington since 1997. This workplace refurbishment marked a progressive moment for the business under new leadership and vision. Many of the employees have worked together for 15+ years, the business culture is family orientated with dining together being a daily tradition. Scope Projects is proud to have created an impressive and transformed workspace.

Collaborating closely with Strutt Studios for the design, we delivered a luminous and inviting environment with a harmonious blend of walnut, grey, and white hues. Upon entering the inviting arrival space you are directed past a meeting room then on to various focus areas, and collaborative zones, accompanied by a spacious breakout section. From the graceful curves of the lighting fixtures, captivating feature timber ceiling, the integration of greenery within the joinery unit and the well-appointed furniture seamlessly unite to cultivate a corporate yet serene workspace.

“I would like to thank all personnel at Scope Projects for their professional services to make us a pleasant working place. We have honest and open communication throughout the process to put my mind at ease. They provide excellent end-to-end services and did a terrific job.

I’m so delighted to work with Luke Kargin, the Project Manager. Luke has been a strong contributor to this project who is extremely organized, working 24/7 and able to effectively multi-task to ensure our project can be completed on time.Scope Projects will fulfill all your requirements comfortably for the expertise and professionalism they have demonstrated, and from which we have benefited.
Once again, I thank you all for your great efforts and I have no hesitation in recommending Scope Projects to any other prospective clients who may require your services.”

Sharina Cheung | Company Secretary
Sino Mining Australia Pty Ltd

Client: Sino Mining Group
Designer: Strutt Studios

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