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Far East Organisation | 570 George St Sydney.

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Speculative Suite

At the end of 2020, Scope Projects in conjunction with Strutt Studios, was successfully appointment as design and construct partners for Far East Organization’s 570 George St Sydney refurbishment project. This iconic project consists of the design and refurbishment of 10 floors converted to vibrant and unique speculative suites. This project showcases the speculative suites and lift lobby upgrade at level 16.

Design: A rich interior design scheme that references a mid-century modern aesthetic. The result of incorporating warm timbers, muddy blues and burgundies, and textural wall features is one of sophistication and charm. This full-floor tenant has ample opportunities for team collaboration, solitary quiet work and a town hall setting in the breakout zone. symmetry is key to the success of the circulation in this design, and is emphasised through clever floor patterns and the inclusion of fluted glass.

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